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À la carte


TOAST SKAGEN - Served on Danish rye bread with chicory and dill oil
145 kr
SOUP ON GREEN PEAS - Served with cold smoked salmon, horseradish cream and grilled levain bread
119 kr
CEVICHE WITH MANGO AND AVOCADO - Served with rice chips, lime, coriander and ginger sauce
119 kr


OVEN BAKED PORTABELLO WITH EARTH CHEESE PURE - Served with glazed pearl onion and red wine gravy
185 kr
RAINBOW TROUT - tempura vegetables and limecreme
195 kr
GRILLED BEEF WITH ROOT GRATIN - Served with whipped herb butter, red wine gravy and baked cocktail tomatoes
245 kr


CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE - With candied hazelnuts and sea salt
45 kr
CREMÉ BRULÉ - With passion frui
105 kr
CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE - Served with raspberry sauce and whipped cream
95 kr

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