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Todays special
109 kr

12:00 -14:00 Today´s special


Hot Kimchi Burger
225 kr

A towering inferno of seitan, jalapeno peppers, grilled red pepper, kimchi, onion rings, no-cheese, lettuce, srirashamayo and mustard mayo. Served with coleslaw, cashewcrem, padron peppers, chilis, daikon and pickles

Teriyaki Tempeh Burger
195 kr

Tempeh in sticky teriyaki sauce, spiralized cucumber, horseradish mayo, tempura onions, mushroom ketchup, lettuce and no-cheese. Served with coleslaw, padron peppers, cashewcream, pickles, daikon and chilis

Macaroni no-Cheese
165 kr

Rich bechamel, seitan cubes, cabbage and chives. Topped with toasted breadcrumbs and sunflower seeds.

Buddah Bowl
199 kr

Teriyaki Tempeh cutlet rolled in sesame seeds, roasted vegetables, cashewcream, fresh vegetables, srirasha mayo, kimchi, peanut satay, green onions, chilli and coriander in a bowl of sticky warm rice.

The Herbivore Steak
230 kr

Our famous seitan steak with house potato wedges, garlic mushrooms, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, lingon berry jam and onion. Topped with a creamy pepper sauce. Served with a side salad.

Pad thai
185 kr

Rice noodles with vegetables, tempeh cubes, coriander and peanuts sautéed together in a wok and tossed in a delicious pad thai sauce

185 kr

Noodle soup dish in a very rich broth. Our tempura seitan, vegetables, kimchi, chilis, scallion and coriander

Starters & Sides

Padron Peppers
35 kr
Sweet corn fritters with chilli jam
80 kr
Teriyaki Tempeh cubes on braised greens
75 kr
Onion rings with creamy dip sauce
35 kr
Wedges -with garlic mayo
35 kr
Sharing plate: Macho nacho (2 people)
120 kr


Today´s special
115 kr


25 kr
En flaska vin
349 kr
Ett glas vin
79 kr

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